Airsoft BB brands Demystified

We’ve all seen those fun-filled action movies that give an extreme adrenaline rush to the viewers. However, not many of us will ever be able to wield such guns and weapons in real life. The perfect solution for such action enthusiasts is the humble Airsoft pistols and rifles. Airsoft pistols are basically Air powered guns that shoot small plastic pellets called BBs. These can be used to simulate all types of war games and fights in order to create our very own action movie. Just like the real pistol and rifles, the caliber of the Gun needs to be matched with the caliber of the BBs. Thus, the BBs come in different sizes and calibers. In addition, a few of the best Airsoft BBs are also environment-friendly and biodegradable. Let us now take a look at the 2 best Airsoft BB brands.

Airsoft Elite

This brand is known for its precision and accuracy. It even offers biodegradable BB’s which are a necessity in today’s world. They are exactly calibrated so that you will not face any issue while loading or firing your gun. The can decompose in about 180 days in a good environment, which makes them one of the best BB’s. They are mostly packed in bottles, which makes it easy to retrieve and seal again. It is important to seal your BB’s in an airtight container. They are available in a variety of weights so that you can choose the ideal one for your gun. They are also available in different packages having different counts of BB’s. They are not very expensive and will not burn a hole in your pocket. So this is one of the brands which comes well recommended.


TSD is known for its seamless firing pellets. They do not have any issues with the fabrication of the pellets. Their quality assurance process is quite stringent, so the jamming incidents that normally occur are reduced by using this brand. They do offer good accuracy and precision. All their pellets are standard 6mm pellets, so you will not have any issue with choosing the pellets for the standard rifles. These are also available in different weights like 0.20g,0.26g, and also in a variety of packaging. They can be conveniently bought from all the online stores. Though this brand does have some trouble occasionally with their 0.26g pellet, it is otherwise very good.

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