Five Facebook Messenger Tricks And Tips You Never Knew About

Facebook messenger has already created a milestone when its number of active users reached a whopping 1.2 billion users. Messenger started its journey in the year 2008 and was known as Facebook Chat but it got a major push when the company decided to promote the product as a standalone app in the year 2011.  And since then the app has grown in a huge way and many new and exciting features have been integrated into the app such as bots and payments. It has a number of hidden and secret cool features which a casual user might never be able to uncover.

To make your chat game on point we share five Facebook messenger tricks and tips you never knew about. You can also learn more about other messengers on this site.

  1. Share Your Moments With Day Stories

One of the latest and most popular additions in the Facebook messenger is its feature, which lets you share your some precious and memorable memories of the day as “Day stories”. This feature is quite similar to the Instagram stories. Pictures and videos shared as day stories remain live for 24 hours and it also allows you to check who else has viewed it. Not only this, you can also edit your pictures and videos with filters, effects and also caption them. It’s simple to set up a “day story” all you need to do is to reach the “My day” button which can be easily located in the messages section.

  1. Sending Money To Your Loved Ones

Messenger also gives their user the facility to transfer and receive money through the app. For this, all you need to do is tap on the + button and then click the payments button. Then choose your recipient and the amount of money you want to transfer. The app will prompt you to share your credit card and bank account details. Payments can be sent in personal messages as well as in group chat too.

  1. Chat With Bots

As of now, the number of bots active on the messenger is a little more than 100,000. Each major brand has its bot on the messenger now such as Burger King, Wall street journal, duolingo etc. It’s easy to find any bot in the discover tab and then choose your category.


  1. Use Animated GIF’s To Express Your Mood

Now you can even use an animated gif to express your current mood and feeling to the one you are chatting. This not only makes your chat more entertaining but also interesting too. GIF’s can be added by clicking on the + button and then selecting the GIFs button. Now just scroll or search for your favorite GIF or choose one from the trending list.

  1. Share Your Location

Messenger now also allows its users to share their location with any of their choices. This feature is quite handy when you plan to meet someone at a new location. Just click on the + button and then choose “location”.

So these are just a couple of features which can maximize your user-experience on Facebook messenger app. Well, keep exploring the app in new ways to uncover new hidden features.