Features of MacKeeper That Make Your Mac Run Faster

Initial MacKeeper review will help you think some positively but, if you will go to later reviews you might tend to think that MacKeeper is no longer in use. There are numerous controversies around it. But, there are reasons why it may not work effectively for you. First, it takes very long time to scan your hard drive so; it might become annoying for you. It cannot identify most of the software programs that are outdated so it takes longer durations to scan the drive. And now, you will think that you are looted after buying it.

MacKeeper by Zeobit is one of the best Security Softwares. It does several tasks with single software related to cleaning of your Mac. All of the above, it is very efficient and packs in a GUI which is very similar to the OSX finder layout.

Why do you need it?

If you are facing a slowdown of your Mac, it probably needs a good MacKeeper clean up. So, ignoring the MacKeeper reviews, you should buy one for your loving MacBook. MacKeeper helps you delete all the files and folders and junks that is slowing down its performance.

How do MacKeeper works?

MacKeeper gives you an overall view of the things which can delete to free space.

Which features of Mackeeper help you free the space?

  1. Binaries Cutter Program of MacKeeper is a universal binary. So, it runs on both Intel and non-Intel machines. It helps you remove another floating binary of your programs.
  2. Cache Cleaner moves files to make Mac faster to access.
  3. Duplicates Finder is pretty self-explanatory. If there is a duplicate, it can remove.
  4. Languages Cutter removes the other languages, besides the main language you use, from your OS and apps, freeing up space.
  5. Logs Cleaner can put log files on the computer to help move things along. But, all of them forever is not necessary. So this helps to clean them out.
  6. Old Files Cleaner removes obsolete files and apps.

MacKeeper has the same function in their program, like App Zapper. There’s also a data encrypted, a shredder to really get rid of old files, and undelete just in case you screwed up and trashed that important file. Then there’s also an anti-theft system.