How To Get A Happiness Makeover & Why Definitely Need One

Modern day humans live in a world of benefits that our forefathers only dreamt of. First, industrialization and then the rapid advances in science made human life healthier, work less human labor-oriented, travel easier. With the introduction of technology in every aspect of human life, we became more independent, aware and impersonal. Digitization opened avenues of work and travel that did not exist before and man took every advantage of this fact. Man has changed the way he lives, the home he lives in, his work hours, his way of entertaining himself and others, the way he travels, the way he cooks food to the way he eats it to include the maximum amount of technology, reducing physical effort and interpersonal interactions.

However, man, being a social animal, cannot do away entirely with human interaction though it has changed from family gatherings, social occasions and become more competitive, virtual and business-like. Instead of providing entertainment or relaxation, human interaction has become a source of several mental disorders like anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, rage, depression, low self-esteem, envy, and aggression. Of them, anxiety and stress occur most commonly either as symptoms of other physiological or mental diseases or as underlying causes of physical or mental disorders. They affect young, old, employed, unemployed, male and female alike. The sheer amount of these patients coming to psychologists and psychiatrists are staggering. However, the cases that go undetected or untreated are even more worrisome.

Everyone harbors some or many of these disorders during our lifetimes. Most get over them eventually with help or with the passing of age. But for some being anxious or stressed becomes a chronic condition or some are subjected to acute attacks. These people can be helped by trained experts, family, and friends so that they regain confidence, happiness, focus, and health. They just need a happiness makeover as follows:

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Disconnect to Detox– Limit gadget use to only when necessary and never before sleeping.

Accept– Always give our best effort and accept what comes as a result. Never compare self with what someone else has achieved or received. Compete but not at the cost of health and personal life.

Positivity-Surround yourself with positive people, read and watch what motivates. Weed out people and things that poison your life.

De-clutter-Remove things in home or office that are reminders of bad experiences. A clutter-free space is a happy space.

Engage with reality-Have real conversations at real places instead of virtual. Make the effort to dress up, go out or invite people over.

Physical activity– Exercise, dance, paint, garden, travel to take mind off things, for new experiences etc.

Get an actual makeover, change your wardrobe, and get a job that really makes you happy.

Charity-donation or work with disadvantaged people, animals makes one grateful and at peace.

Meditate to improve focus, relax and find peace.

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