Leading European Countries Are Not Progressive – Illegal Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a very progressive method of having a baby. Intended parents or single parents should first find a country which supports surrogacy. For example, in some states of US, it’s not legally approved. If your state or country does not support surrogacy, then you should try to find another country.

Keep in mind that, surrogacy should be made carefully. The process of surrogacy is not only transferring embryo into surrogate mother’s body – It’s more than that. It starts with finding a relevant country (with perfect law system regarding surrogacy), finding an experienced lawyer in this industry, finding good IVF clinic for actual process and surrogate mother for a healthy pregnancy.

Intended parents who live Europe, may face some problems. Some local European countries do not support surrogacy. For example, leading European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. don’t support surrogacy. It’s even worse – in these countries surrogacy is illegal. Small European countries are thinking more progressively because Georgia and Ukraine have legalized process of surrogacy at the start of 21st century. Today we want to find more about European countries and their reason “why.” Let’s find why Germany, UK, Portugal and other European countries think that surrogacy is illegal.


It may be shocking, but all types of surrogacy are illegal in Germany. Intended parents can’t use gestational or traditional surrogacy in Germany. Even the intention is not supported. As we know, surrogacy is commercial or altruistic. None of this surrogacy is supported too. Some political parties try to make surrogacy legal, but the current government thinks that even altruistic surrogacy should be not permitted in Germany.


Oldest European country Greece, which faced serious financial problems back in 2013, supports surrogacy. Altruistic and commercial surrogacy, both types are permitted by the civil law of Greece.

United Kingdom

Commercial agreements about surrogacy are illegal in the United Kingdom. The UK has few legal acts regarding surrogacy. As we have mentioned, commercial surrogacy is illegal, and you may face some issues from the standpoint of criminal law. Altruistic surrogacy is permitted, so this means that surrogate mothers have rights on the child. The same principles are applied to Sweden. Not allowing commercial intent in surrogacy can be a big failure. Intended parents are waiting for a child, paying and covering all the fees (medical or healthy pregnancy) and still, the surrogate mother can keep the baby if she likes so? That’s not the progress.

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